About Ahvaz City

Khouzestan province is located in southwest of Iran and a strategicposition, which is adjacent to Iraq from west.
Ahvaz is the province center, the largest city of the province. Its area is about 8135.9 square km, equal to 12.78 percent of total area of the province.

Also it has population of 1,338,126 which is 31 percent of all the province population.

The weather of Ahvaz is dry and tropical. The mean temperature degree in warm weather period is about 31.2 which begins from may to early October until May.

Ahvaz resources and potentials.
1-    Rivers

-karoon: the longest and wateriest river of Iran which has divided Ahvaz to two parts.

2- Commerce and mineral and industrial centers
Industrially, Ahvaz is the vital center of the province. There are food industries, mineral, metallic, and chemical companies and workshops. Agricultural and industrial prosperity has caused commercial prosperity in this area. Various kinds of products such as  steel, iron sheet, pipe, profile, industrial pieces, artificial leather, vessels and thermal  transformers, iron equipment, oil and different kinds of  oil  products , hygienic products, agricultural productssuch as wheat, barely, vegetables, date, and fishing  products are being exported.
Vital industrial centers such as NIDC, Ramin and Shahid Modhej powerhouse, steel complex, industrial steel national group, pipe Mill Company, oil and gas companies, northeastern agricultural and industrial companies, dehkhoda and cane sidelong industries are located in ahvaz. Four industrial states companies are also in Ahvaz.
3-    Advanced training
Ahvaz metropolis is on a high ranked position because of large and creditable universities.
Ahvaz universities: Jondishapour, Shahid Chamran, payamenour, university of Applied Science and tenology, Ramin Agriculture and Natural resourcesuniversity, Oil university, Islamic Azad University  of Ahvaz,  Advanced training of region 6, Electricity industry junior college, Chamran college and its branches.

4-    Agriculture
Ahvaz  has got the first rank of animal husbandry in the province, and several complexes of fish farms, also the largest fish farm of Middle Eastern are working in Ahvaz.

5-    Railroad train station

6-    Ahvaz international airport

7-    A good possibility of having an ideal relationship with Persian Gulf  countries  and  free ports , and being adjacent to free trade zones such as arvand and khoramshahr