Moien altojar chamber

One valuable building of Ahvaz old structure is Haj Mohammad Taqi Moien altojar chamber , he was a merchant from Boushehr who lived at Ghajar dynasty era , he built it cooperate with Mohammad Hasan Khan Saad aldoleh , on the furthest part of Keivan street ( Kaveh) adjacent to Karoon river .
 The Boushehrman merchant established a railroad along  riverside up to Haj Raies mosque location renown as Saracheh mosque ( Aiatolah Shafi-ee Mosque ) .  entering  merchandises from Khoramshahr were carried to Ahvaz harbor by ship then the goods were transferred to this place by wagons which were pulled by horses after that they were transferred to old Ahvaz
By using oil company railroad then the goods were being loaded on ship and transferred to a place which was called Shalili there was 6 miles distance to Shoushtar . trade ships disembarked
Themselves loads on Boushehrman merchant chamber from 1928 until 1953 . until recent years the chamber were used as single booth or as store , finally , due to a burning major parts of it Was demolished and its piles and roof were severely damaged .
Moien market renowned as Sabat like other traditional markets of Iran , had a vault form roof .


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