Currently, there are seven bridges over the karun  river That connected The western and eastern parts of the city

These bridges are as follows:

1-    Black bridge or railway bridge

in 1919 concurrent with Iran’s throughout railroad establishment fist Ahvaz bridge was established on Karoun river , later due to black color of bridge’s body and piles it was renowned as black bridge or Polsiah its length is 1050 meters and its width is 6 meters , the bridge connects Imam harbor ( God compassion be upon him ) at southeast of province and custom’s harbor  and  Ahvaz railroad station via Khour abdolah outfall next to Persian golf and through this railroad Ahvaz railroad station connect to throughout railroad and finally connect to Torkman harbor at north , during word war two the bridge was used for transporting provender, forces and ordnances to Russian army and because of important effects on allied
victory , the bridge was called victory bridge .

2-    White bridge the first suspended bridge of Iran

less than fifty years of Brookline bridge accomplishment ( world’s first metallic bridge  )
bridge piles of world’s fourth suspension ridge was fixed , at present it is symbol of city’s beautiful . a German engineer along with his wife start to make the bridge and  successfully progressed the work up to mounting one of the bridge arcs but Englishmen who ruled on oil company at that period recaptured apparatuses which had delivered to bridge maker among them was a crane which lifted first bridge arc , this action cause for German engineer disease and his death , but after a short time his wife with very initial devices and using some barges 
succeed to mount second arc on bridge structure and accomplished bridge finally at November 9th ,1936 the white bridge was inaugurated and utilized .

3-    Third bridge

Third bridge construction started at September 1967 and accomplished and utilized at February
1970 , this bridge connects Shahid Bandar square ( chahar shir ) and north Kianpars , the bridge
Set in the way of import goods from Imam harbor ( God compassion be upon him )and other places of country and the bridge play transit role , during bridge making and for connecting the bridge to Ahvaz –Tehran railroad , a railroad couple mounted on it which never have been used . and  in 2008 the railroad was eliminated , the bridge length is 496 meters and its width is 14.50 meters , it has 16 meshes , each mesh is 31 meters .

4-    Fourth bridge or Salman farsi bridge

In 1975 fourth bridge utilized , the bridge joins Salman farsi street , Takhti area , Saat
Square and Molavi square , the bridge length is 576 meters and its width is 16.71 meters .

5-    Fifth bridge

To decrease Ahvaz traffic load fifth bridge put into used at May 24th 1996 , this bridge connects Jomhouri square , south of Shriati street ( simetri) , Kout abdolah road , Daneshggah square
And Lashkar abad , the bridge length is 480 meters and its width is 30.70 meters .

6-    Sixth bridge or Steel bridge

Sixth bridge renowned as Sanaye-e foolad bridge put at south of Ahvaz city near Cheneibeh village on west bank of Karoun which connects Kout abdolah on east bank of Karoun , this bridge is main road of roll factories and Sanaye-e foolad  , these two industrial complexes are placed on two sides of Karoun river . the bridge construction operation  begun at June 2004 and completed at September 2007 . the bridge length is 740 meters and its width is 30.40 meters .

7-    Seventh bridge

Building of 490 meters bridge started from 1996 and the bridge building completed and utilized in
February 1998 , this bridge is very beautiful than other Ahvaz bridges which connects Aiatolah Behbahani  highway on east of Karoun to Tohid boulevard and Shahid Chamran street ( second square of Kianpars ) on west of Karoun , this bridge is very beautiful .

8-    Eighth bridge or cable bridge

To facilitate transporting and access to downtown and reducing Salman farsi and fifth bridges traffic loads , decision was made that a bridge to build on Karoun river between bridges four and five which First operations for workshop outfit and implementing operation were started since 2006 .