Ali ebne mahziar ahvazi Tomb

Ali ebne mahziar ahvazi (the 9th century ) was famous shiah religious jurisprudent , religious narrator and savant , he was one of devotees of Imam Javad (p.b.u.h.) , Imam Hadi (p.b.u.h.) And Imam Hasn Askari (p.b.u.h.) and learned Islamic jurisprudences of them and in some areas especially Ahvaz he was their agent , shiah savants accepted his religious narrates about holy Imams (p.b.u.h.) with complete confidence . Ali ebne mahziar was of Doraq (Shadegan) people  ,later he resided in Ahvaz . nevertheless he was born in Hendijan ( hendian) but because Hendijan was Doraq  city subarea he was introduced as Doraq resident . his father was Christian But at adolescence along with his father turned into Muslim . according with some stories he died at Imam Hasn Askari (p.b.u.h.) time . according with historical narratives , when
Abasi caliph mamoon commanded to transfer Imam Reza ( p.b.u.h.) to Khorasn from Madineh,
The Imam entered Ahvaz at year 822 and stayed at this city , few days , after that on Imam
 ( p.b.u.h.) settlement location , a mosque as Masjed Alreza  was built which Ali ebne mahziar had willed that his body buried in mentioned mosque , there is a salon , at west part adjoining to the grave, probably it is the mosque that mentioned before .       


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