Ahvaz Municipality's Nowruz Welcome Headquarters convened a meeting
Ahvaz Mayor Reza Amini stated in the first coordination meeting for welcoming Nowruz 1403, which was held with the presence of the deputies, managers of regions and subordinate
Saturday، 27 January 2024 - 08:55
Deputy Mayor of Ahvaz in the process of operating two neighborhood parks: 71 neighborhood parks have been designed in the city
On the evening of Wednesday 29th of Azar, Parviz Hosseini said during the operation ceremony of two neighborhood parks, Burhan and Shahrak Elahia, that we are trying to bring the per capita green space of Ahvaz to the national average, and for this p...
Saturday، 27 January 2024 - 08:47
Cooperation of Ahvaz Municipality in holding the congress of 24 thousand martyrs of Khuzestan province
The public hall of Ahvaz Islamic Council was held with the agenda of holding the second congress of 24,000 martyrs of Khuzestan province with the presence of military and provincial officials and Ahvaz municipality.
Wednesday، 27 December 2023 - 12:25
The ceremony for the improvement of 10 clay sports fields in the neighborhoods was held
evening of December 21; The ceremony for the improvement of 10 clay sports fields in the neighborhoods, including the installation of platforms and the provision of lighting worth 96 billion Rials, was held in Rabi Park with the presence of provincia...
Wednesday، 27 December 2023 - 11:51
A message from the mayor of Ahvaz on the occasion of December 16, Student's Day
Azar 16 is considered a historic and proud movement in the country's student movement, which is a symbol of our students' steadfastness and courage.
Thursday، 07 December 2023 - 20:30
Representative of Ahvaz people in the parliament: Allocation of funds for Ahvaz metro is vital
he said : Considering the prolongation of the urban train project in Ahvaz, it is vital to allocate funds for it.
Thursday، 07 December 2023 - 20:12
Ahvaz Mayor: Completing the metro is necessary for Ahvaz
The mayor of Ahvaz said: Due to the fact that other public transportation such as buses, vans and taxis in Ahvaz are limited, completing the urban train in Ahvaz is more necessary and important than other metropolises.
Thursday، 07 December 2023 - 20:08
Head of the Organization of Villages and Municipalities of the country; The actions of Ahvaz municipality in the field of transportation in Arbaeen Hosseini are commendable
Conducting pathology to improve services to pilgrims during next year's Arbaeen
Thursday، 07 December 2023 - 20:02
The deputy of urban services at the meeting of waste managers of metropolitan cities: the instructions for waste should be according to the specific topography of each city.
Ali Shams, on the sidelines of the 12th specialized meeting of managers and heads of waste management organizations of the country's metropolises in Ahvaz, said: Every city has its own topographical conditions for waste disposal and green space, so t...
Friday، 01 December 2023 - 11:26
The Secretary of the Environment Commission of the Assembly of Metropolitan Cities of the country: The Cooperation Organization of Municipalities cooperates in waste management.
According to the information base of Ahvaz municipality, Abolfazl Karimian stated that the secretary of the committee of the waste management organizations of the country's metropolises holds meetings regularly at the 12th specialized meeting of mana...
Thursday، 30 November 2023 - 21:56
Advisor to the Minister of Technology: Investors should enter the field of waste management
According to Ahvaz Municipality's information base, Hamidreza Tahori, on the morning of Thursday 9 Azar, at the 12th specialized meeting of managers and heads of waste management organizations of the country's metropolises, which was hosted by Ahvaz ...
Thursday، 30 November 2023 - 16:04
Granting renovation facilities to 150 taxis in Ahvaz
The ceremony of operating the traffic equipment of Ahvaz Municipality and granting facilities for the renovation of 150 taxis was held in Ahvaz.
Wednesday، 29 November 2023 - 09:34
Declaration of sympathy and assistance of the mayor and members of the Islamic Council of Ahvaz city following the bombing of the Gaza hospital
At noon on the 26th of Mehr, Amini, the mayor of Ahvaz, and Pourmousoi, the head of the city's Islamic Council, reacted in separate messages to the attack of the Zionist regime and the bombing of Al-Mohamedani Hospital in Gaza.
Wednesday، 29 November 2023 - 09:21
The ceremony of the first phase of the Karon revival project was held
According to the Ahvaz Municipality information base, on the morning of October 25, the groundbreaking ceremony and the start of the Karun beach revitalization project worth 1,000 billion Rials were held in the presence of Shahwarpour, the Commander ...
Sunday، 19 November 2023 - 12:34
Ahvaz Municipality Municipal Services Deputy: Every Citizen One Tree plan will be implemented
The Vice President of Environment and Urban Services of Ahvaz Municipality announced the implementation of the One Tree Every Citizen project, emphasizing the increasing role of citizens in the development of sustainable green spaces.
Sunday، 19 November 2023 - 12:19
Improvement and exploitation of 10 artificial grass fields in different parts of Ahvaz metropolis
On Tuesday, November 23, in continuation of the "one opening every week" plan, during a ceremony attended by the mayor and members of the Islamic Council of Ahvaz metropolis, 10 artificial grass fields were improved and used in different parts of the...
Sunday، 19 November 2023 - 12:11
5000 young palm trees are planted in Ahvaz
Referring to the plan to plant 5,000 young palm trees in Ahvaz city, the mayor of Ahvaz said: Palm trees should be one of the symbols of Ahvaz's identity, but despite many efforts, the situation is not like this at the moment, and more palm trees...
Saturday، 18 November 2023 - 07:49
The Deputy Coordinator of Civil Affairs of Khuzestan Governorate said: Ahvaz Municipality is serious about providing new services to the people
Khuzestan Governorate's Civil Affairs Coordination Deputy in visiting Ahvaz Municipality's booth in the Urban Governance Excellence Exhibition organized by the Ministry of Interior's Organization of Municipalities and Villages and in the ...
Sunday، 05 November 2023 - 09:16
Operation of Shahid Ghorbani non-level intersection (University Square) Ahvaz with the presence of the Minister of Interior(28 may)
With the presence of the Minister of Interior, the project of Shahid Ghorbani intersection (University Square) of Ahvaz was put into operation.
Sunday، 05 November 2023 - 09:11
A narrative of Ahvaz Municipality's lighting and flower arrangement in welcoming spring 1402 (April 2023)
On the eve of the new year, Ahvaz Municipality is busy removing pollution and dust from the face of the city. From gardeners and cleaners and painters who are busy with painting to technical and engineering and traffic forces, each of them plays a ro...
Sunday، 05 November 2023 - 09:04
The initial sisterhood agreements between Ahvaz and the Chinese city of Hangzhou were made. 
Preparations were made for signing the protocol of sisterhood and cultural cooperation between Ahvaz and the city of Hangzhou (Hangzhou), China.
Monday، 23 January 2023 - 12:43
Ahvaz mayor described working priorities and in progress projects statuses
Mansoor Katanbaf in an interview said : Ahvaz civic construction projects are being shaped Base on 2011and 2012 activities , and by regarding civic scale , may say that some considerable Civic projects will be executed in Ahvaz . “ Taleghani ...
Tuesday، 29 October 2013 - 09:13
Mayor: Ahvaz Needs Solidarity and Congeniality
The new mayor of Ahvaz believes that solidarity and congeniality are what the city needs today to realize all-out development. Speaking in the inaugural ceremony for the new mayor, organized also to bid farewell to the former mayor, Seyed Khalaf Mou...
Sunday، 30 December 2012 - 14:03
Passionate embrace of Ahvaz City Pavilion
Passionate embrace of Ahvaz City Pavilion   On the Comprehensive Exhibition of Achievements of the municipalities  : Passionate embrace of Ahvaz City Pavilion On the third day of  holding  Comprehensive Exhibition of Achieve...
Tuesday، 20 November 2012 - 11:00
Ahvaz Mayor


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