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Ahvaz mayor described working priorities and in progress projects statuses

Ahvaz mayor described working priorities and in progress projects statuses

Tuesday، 29 October 2013 | Article Rating

Mansoor  Katanbaf in an interview said : Ahvaz civic construction projects are being shaped Base on 2011and 2012 activities , and by regarding civic scale , may say that some considerable Civic projects will be executed in Ahvaz .  “ Taleghani “ multi-floor parking is one of these projects ,  This project is in foundation phase, now and its metallic structure will be fixed , soon .

He said base on studies ,at the central core of Ahvaz city , sections between “ Razavi “ street up to “ Azim “ street, and the east coast up to Aiatolah Behbahani boulevard , these sections require 6 thousands units of parking in addition to existing units , he add : “ Taleghani parking is undergoing construction which has 8 floors and its capacity is 600 automobiles . also , an estate is available next to this parking , that we are debating to buy it and if we can own it , 80 units will be added to the Taleghani parking .

Katanbaf about existing parking that located on Shohada square and adjacent to White bridge restated :Only 70 meters of this parking is owned by municipality and its land is delivered to private sector : by regarding requirement of the downtown to parking , we try to change this place to a floor parking , definitely , the work should be done, so no damage strike White bridge scene. This parking will be made in 3 floors and may set in Ahvaz municipality projects in the near future . of course its possessing shouldFollow by legal authorities  .

Ahvaz mayor pointed : Taleghani parking is being built on the central core of city , now. And it will be the second floor parking on downtown which has important role to reduce this district traffic load . also , at present year nearly 7 thousands meters of private estates are owned on Azadeggan , Taleghani and Sirius streets for parking usage which are submitted to citizens .

He continued : owner of useless estates of downtown were recommended to change their estates to parking , on this background a persuasive regulation is prepared and these persons were exempted from Some tolls .

Katanbaf about Taleghani street trunk- making expressed : by paying attention to Ahvaz city climate and hot weather in the summer , it is necessary , to fix some sun-shelter on some streets of the city and Taleghani street sun-shelter establishment project is being implemented , in addition to realize this aim,  has other aims such as creating a shelter and peacefulness on citizens path , amendment city’s visage And improper scene of city due to miscellaneous signs and amendment power system on this street .

Simultaneous with Taleghani street trunk- making power system of the street is being revised and will Be implemented on ground and weak and medium power systems will be transferred into underground from top of ground , therefore the street state from beauty view will be more desirable .  this action even has effect on earthquake by transferring power system beneath the ground , at urgent occasions No problem will create on this background .

Ahvaz mayor about other big projects of Ahvaz said : Kianshahr bridge is a project that no inauguration was celebrated for it , nevertheless , the project is in progressing with good pace and until next few months will be completed , also a seventh kilometers road situated between Saiade shirazi bridge and Kianshahr bridge is being completed , only its asphalt still isn’t done , this path will inaugurate concurrent with Kianshahr bridge . this road has much effect on reduction of Kianpars and Kianabad districts traffic jams and will prosper Kianshahr district . 

He stated that five communion projects have started and completed during this course of municipality management which include Kianshahr bridge , Saiade shirazi toward Kianshahr bridge road , watery park  ,Taleghani floor-parking and trash factory , he added : a five stars hotel will start build, soon, into partnership with investor, the required land for implementing this project is specified on east bank of Karoon, and after approval the plan , the project will perform , definitely building a five stars hotel is require for Ahvaz , because a hotel with this quality hasn’t made in Ahvaz, years after Islamic revolutionvictory. Establishing such places in Ahvaz city increase residence and tourism opportunities , I hope the construction begin until next three months .  Area of this project’s land is nearly eight thousandsmeters.

Katanbaf mentione to beach- making importance in Ahvaz restated : totally, on past years 14 kilometers beach- making performed in the city and , for years 2011 and 2012 beach-making will be performed, according with this procedure , of course 32 kilometers developing beach –making project is in program , now ,beach-making in a region between third bridge up to Sina hospital is completedand other beach-making project is being done in region between fifth bridge up to Jannat street.

 Ahvaz mayor pointed: east coast of Karoon is under wall making, now. And beach-making and green space is being carried out on east coast from third bridge up to Siahat park , at present year , its extent is 42 hectares . also , in the region between third bridge toward ninth bridge making four kilometers beach And green space are in program , until present February . in phase 4 of Melli-rah region , 1200 meters Beach-making is being performed , too. On the west bank between fifth bridge and Karggar squareBeach –making project is being performed , which will be completed until present February . implementing beach-making projects , certainly will effect on changing city’s visage .

He continued : part of beach-makings which are being performed in a region between Shahid chamran university’ pump station up to Shaghaieq park , will complete until end October 2012 . and by completion these projects , on Karoon river bank totally, 98 hectares green space will add to Ahvaz Surely , lawns were planted in Ahvaz are not counted as green space per capita and lawn advantageIs absorption lead of weather . concurrently with beach –making  on Karoon coast , tree planting is doing on verges of the river , therefore until next four years green space of Karoon will have shadow .

Tree planting is being performed with specified compactness with 45 meters distances which no harm to hit Karoon scene .

Katanbaf said: by considering to current actions , 100 hectares green space on Karoon coast will be prepared  and submitted to citizens until next March .  by adding this 100 hectares and 130 hectares for sectional parks and green belt ,we have, nearly 886 hectares incremental green space and green space of the city increased 74% , nearly, and its per capita will reach to 20.5 meters .

he added : for Ahvaz green belt project , few organizations have obligations , if they properly do their obligations ,  two thousands green space in Ahvaz green belt will be realized and it will be a revolutionary project in Ahvaz city . At present year developing 150 hectares green belt is predicted and needed saplings will prepared by private sector.

Ahvaz mayor , about Ahvaz big Play-zone project restated:  for executing this project a 15 hectares land Is regarded at city entrance of Andimeshk side, which will submitted to municipality , for planning ,As soon as . and necessary measures for attracting investors will begin . Definitely, this project should Be operating by private sector, also, according with programming, at least one phase of this project Will prepare for operation until end of next year. This Play-zone will be constructed according with Standards , and include one open place and one roofed place , Ahvaz city need to regional and ultra regional play-zones , Padad play-zone is regional , and by performing this project , Ahvaz city will own One big ultra regional play-zone at 2014 .            

About Banovan park (ladies park ) Katanbaf said : necessary land for this project is regarded close to agricultural research center , but the land strikes with juridical problems , of course its trusses is constructed and prepare for mounting and no opposition is posed from organizations or official organs And if its credit being prepare, the park being set up, the project should be performing on a proper location and predicted location has needed traits. This park should establish in a location that surrounded buildings aren’t overlook on it, because ladies being able to play comfortably, other Predicted locations in Ahvaz haven’t these characteristics.

About changing usage of date palm gardens around Ahvaz, he added:  improvement and renovation organization of municipality determined to change these palm gardens to public park, amphitheater and traditional restaurants for doing commercial works, and prevent palm gardens destructions due to Constructing official and commercial buildings.

 These palm gardens should preserved and prepared for citizens enjoying. Along, Aiatollah Behbahani boulevard and Imam Ali boulevard up to Kout Abdollah Palm gardens are exist  on two sides of the road , which is in preparation state , now . at some districts Such as Golestan , Chenaibeh and Mahdis , some palm gardens are exist which can preserve and develop them for using as proper entertainment places by citizens .

Ahvaz mayor about portrayal impressions and beautification utilization in Ahvaz city restated : portrayal impressions were mounted on city’s squares , these impressions are making part of cultures of the city .

Culture – making is necessary, before mounting some impressions because to prevent  some imbroglios which may creating about portrayal impressions . In beautification section Karoon river fountain contract is concluded and next to third bridge , a bridge, under title of Tabi-at  park will be constructed which will connect two Karoon’s verge parks .

katanbaf  restated : also, a rappel is predicted by private sector with 500 length from east to west bank of river which will be utilized as an excitement game . Same this project was implemented in Singapore, Malaysia and London , we hope establishment priorities for this rappel will be prepared until next No-rouz (April) , cooperate with oil company. This project will be executive on lands which are belonged to oil company and on this background oil minister and province governor approvals Is attained , only south oil rise regions company approval is still , remained . by performing oil minister Command a tourism and entertainment opportunity will be available for Ahvaz city which until next No-rouz will be a good index for city , province and country .

He continued : making fountain at the middle of river is designed , so never has recorded until now, only China has similar project , this fountain will be mounted between fourth and eighth bridges and by operating this project , Ahvaz population will scatter along Karoon coast and crowding will be prevented    at north sections an Kianpars coast . Existent island between fourth and eighth bridges is being rolled up.

Ahvaz mayor stated : other two islands in the north and south of third bridge is being rolled up by Water and Electricity Organization . this work is much effect on the river’s beauty . Also, studies for making Birds garden is nearly accomplished, in this garden, columns will be made with 40 meters height, and Birds will be released in artificial space, birds which being compatibility with climate of the province Will be preserved, by performing theses projects tourism opportunities will grow, and conditions should prepare which one tourist staying in Ahvaz for five days.

About Ahvaz hypermarket project, he said: final agreements are accomplished for implementing this project, at obligations section which relevant to municipality, remain changing land usage ,which Should communiqué to the commission article 5. Now, work boundaries are specified, and this project will be performed in an eight hectares place.

About garbage burner device, he added : preordained that municipalities and villages communities organization prepare few garbage burner devices for some cities, that Ahvaz is pertain to these cities , Of course private sector interests in this project. Private sector will be operated this project by regarding about location, Ahvaz garbage type, providing land, license and garbage and profitability.

Much hope is existing on this background. Because Ahvaz rubbishes are, really dirty gold and has many usages.

Ahvaz mayor, about public traffic in Ahvaz city, restated: Ahvaz taxies are less than other metropolises Of course, in time space from June until September last year 1400 taxies were renovated and added to Armada, and other 12 thousands should be prepared. At the present time, carmakers, traffic police and country’s fuel management staff have disagreements about this problem, if the problem be solve Ahvaz traffic problem would be solved, too. Some taxi drivers are not interest in forming dossier due to Escape from surveillance, whereas refers to Taxi Driving Organization has benefits such as using Fuel ration.            


  • Ahvaz mayor described working priorities and in progress projects statuses