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Mayor: Ahvaz Needs Solidarity and Congeniality

Mayor: Ahvaz Needs Solidarity and Congeniality

Sunday، 30 December 2012 | Article Rating


The new mayor of Ahvaz believes that solidarity and congeniality are what the city needs today to realize all-out development.
Speaking in the inaugural ceremony for the new mayor, organized also to bid farewell to the former mayor, Seyed Khalaf Mousavi said: “It is an honor for me to serve as a student of Dr. Moqtadaei the honorable governor general of Khuzestan Province. I have practiced stages of official work under his management. Today, I will do my best to leave behind a fruitful and successful record of performance in the Municipality of Ahvaz.
He added: “The City Council of Ahvaz must be empowered, because it has been under severe attacks during these days.”
Mousavi went on to say: “It is necessary to pay attention to this round of the City Council, no matter who has voted for or against me. The only major concern should be collective work for the all-out development of the city of Ahvaz.”

Former Mayor of Ahvaz: Prevent Waste of Resources in Municipality
Speaking in this ceremony, the former mayor of Ahvaz said: “Reformation of municipal structure was the most important achievement of the Municipality of Ahvaz during my tenure.”
Mansour Katanbaf said during 27 months in office the municipality could prepare and approve a five-year program. “All the programs of the Municipality of Ahvaz were carried out based on this plan from 2011 until October this year.”
He added: “Inter-organizational interaction was placed atop the agenda of the municipality that turned to be a major factor behind success of this municipal organization.”
According to Katanbaf, reconstruction of 16 km of riverbank was a great construction work that was realized during his term in office. “One km of the river bank toward Ahvaz had been constructed before the revolution, and only 14 km of the path had been constructed after the revolution. Therefore, during the past two years, very heavy construction work was carried out along the river bank.”
He revealed that they used the soil from Karun River (for which Qataris are eager to pay) to build 13 amusement parks. The river soil is a good wealth for park construction. Meanwhile, according to him, the municipality engineers have constructed very big bridges and overpasses.
Elsewhere the former mayor of Ahvaz said: “Reformation of municipal structure was one of the major achievements during this period. The comprehensive urban planning system, comprehensive manpower system, and comprehensive income system were prepared as a purposeful work in the municipality. Working based on this comprehensive system prevents interference of the other people in municipality affairs.”
Addressing the governor general of Khuzestan Province, Katanbaf said: “The oil industry does not even pay a penny for pollution tolls. According to an agreement between the Department of the Environment and the Ministry of Oil, both sides have claimed that oil has no pollution. Oil is an opportunity for Khuzestan and its interests and influence must not be national only.”
Katanbaf said: “In addition to the ordinary income, the municipality must have other sources of income and attract investment. The waste of resources must be prevented in the municipality and the obstacles to investment must be pushed aside as far as possible.”

Ayatollah Heidari: Municipal Development Depends upon Stability in City Council
Speaking next, the representative of Khuzestan Province in the Experts Assembly said: “The stability of work in the City Council, wise management in the municipality and supports by all officials including the governor-generalship will accelerate progress of development projects in Ahvaz.”
Ayatollah Mohsen Heidari referred to Katanbaf as a serving and committed mayor who made great achievements in Ahvaz upon the supports of the former governor general, governor of Ahvaz and other officials. “In a word I can say his management was an example of Basij way of management.”
He added: “Following a period of instability in the previous City Council, the mayor was changed for several times during six to seven months. Therefore, the course of development in Ahvaz came to a halt. Assuming municipality office, Katanbaf managed to work well and put behind an acceptable record of performance.”
Pointing to the election of the new mayor, the ayatollah said: “The City Council managed to make a decision prudently and carefully in an acceptable time to make a good choice in selecting a mayor. For this, they deserve thanks. Seyed Khalaf Mousavi has always manifested a very successful management since the beginning of the revolution and during the Sacred Defense in various capacities.”
He expressed hope the city of Ahvaz would be developed more than before upon the due supports of the City Council and the Governor-Generalship of Khuzestan.

Alasvand: Municipality Alone Cannot Meet the Demands of Ahvaz
The chairman of the City Council of Ahvaz spoke next to say: “The fourth City Council of Ahvaz is based on the recommendations and guidelines of the Holy Quran and the Prophet (S) first, and then based on the Constitutional Law.”
Rami Alasvand Moghadam went on to say: “The city of Ahvaz as large as 10,556 square km is home to over one million people. The first municipality office in Ahvaz was established in 1967. Today the municipality has eight district municipality offices in its organizational chart.”
On behalf of the City Council members, he said they request cooperation and collaboration of all officials in attracting investment and in development of the city. “We believe the municipality alone cannot meet the demands of the city.”
Given the land area and population of Ahvaz, Alasvand sought supports from provincial and city officials for cultural development, public service rendering, construction operations, and creation of green spaces.
He promised the City Council would fully support domestic and foreign investment in Ahvaz, for which he reiterated the need for support from the governmental organizations.
Also speaking in this ceremony, Mohammad Baqer Olfat Director General of the Justice Administration in Khuzestan said: “After the third council, the responsibility of the municipality that was like a storm-stricken ship was delegated to Engineer Mansour Katanbaf. Despite dominant political tendencies affecting the municipality, he kept neutral and worked fairly and efficiently.
To put an end to his remarks, he expressed his thanks to the former mayor of Ahvaz for his flawless performance.

  • Mayor: Ahvaz Needs Solidarity and Congeniality
  • Mayor: Ahvaz Needs Solidarity and Congeniality
  • Mayor: Ahvaz Needs Solidarity and Congeniality
  • Mayor: Ahvaz Needs Solidarity and Congeniality
  • Mayor: Ahvaz Needs Solidarity and Congeniality