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5000 young palm trees are planted in Ahvaz
5000 young palm trees are planted in Ahvaz

Referring to the plan to plant 5,000 young palm trees in Ahvaz city, the mayor of Ahvaz said: Palm trees should be one of the symbols of Ahvaz's identity, but despite many efforts, the situation is not like this at the moment, and more palm trees should be planted in Ahvaz city with scientific methods. and be maintained.

Reza Amini, at the beginning ceremony of planting fruitful palm trees in Ahvaz city, which was held in(November 7th), referring to Israel's crimes in Gaza, stated: the oppressed martyrdom of the innocent and helpless women and men of the resilient city of Gaza and the resilient land of Palestine in a cowardly battle I offer my condolences to Israel's fake and child-killing regime.

Referring to passive defense week, the mayor of Ahvaz said: passive defense is an important issue that may be hidden from the eyes of many of us, but in a crisis, its importance is very palpable. Passive defense means unarmed defense and fighting against problems and natural phenomena in which, apart from military forces, people can also play a role. In all planning, we must strictly adhere to this category, so that every action is carried out considering the attachment of passive defense.

Amini said: the environment should be combined with vitality and this vitality and symbols of life are the vital and natural elements. In Ahvaz, one of the most important elements is the Karun River and other parts that can contribute to the green space.

He stated: No element of development can contribute to the development of the city like greenery and trees. We will have Ahvaz in its limits and advanced in the real sense when the tree is in its place as an original element of development and the greenery, plants, shrubs and flowers have their main place in the city.

The mayor of Ahvaz continued: In the last two years, good measures have been taken in this field, but for whatever reason, there are major challenges in the field of green space, one of which is the defect in the raw water network.

He stated: Wherever trees are to be planted, the guarantee of irrigation is also important as one of the three elements, and if the taste is interfered with, it will face failure.

Amini stated that the tree needs nutrition and climate, and said: "Maintaining and maintaining green space is better than acquiring it, so when trees that play the role of shade are planted in all the streets of the city instead of the porches that are seen on the streets." And if there are trees and shrubs with the desired shape and image on all roads, we can say that Ahvaz has reached the desired point in terms of green space.

The mayor of Ahvaz stated: We must perform our duties in terms of planning, expenses and executive operations.

He said: There is no place for the study of the comprehensive green space plan in Ahvaz city and it should be on the agenda of Ahvaz Parks and Green Space Organization, and the future generations will bring it to the desired end so that we can witness our reconciliation with nature and the green space of Ahvaz city to its true status. Arrive as expected.

Referring to the importance of palm in Ahvaz, Amini said: Palm is cultivated in tropical lands with various species and has different functions and products. In terms of the importance of the palm tree, it is enough that it is the counting unit of the person and has many similarities to humans.

He added: The palm's height, strength and crown are like a human head. The human brain, which manages human mental emissions and outputs, is also likened to a date, a palm fruit. By cutting the top of the palm tree, the death of this tree is certain. The palm tree has male, female and neutral species, and the term birth is used to remove the product of pregnant female species, which is also one of the similarities of the palm tree to humans.

He said: The palm tree should be one of the symbols of Ahvaz's identity, but despite many efforts, the situation is not like this at the moment, and more palm trees should be cultivated and maintained in Ahvaz city with scientific methods so that Ahvaz can reach its position.

The mayor of Ahvaz said: 5,000 young palm trees are planned to be planted in the city of Ahvaz, and we will have a number of old palm trees for planting in the main roads in the future.
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